RetroArch v1.0.0.2 — минорное обновление известного эмулятора

retro arch wii


Вышло обновление хорошего эмулятора, именно им я и собираюсь сегодня с вами поделиться!

В принципе это все тот же RetroArch, но немного доработанный, основная задача — запуск и эмуляция игр на WII, поэтому будем надеяться на стабильный пуск наших любимых игр.

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Основные изменения:

Mupen64 — W coordinate vertices for now Properly According To set per-game depth bias. Should fix MOST of the texture wobbling issues in games.
Mupen64 -. Fixed ‘No Controller connected end Banjo-Tooie in
Mupen64 — Uses refactored audio RSP plugin, includes: such as fixed Numerous MusyX Improved support, etc..
Mupen64 — Glide64 refactoring — Optimized dither noise code. — is now done on the GPU Entirely
Mupen64 — Glide64 refactoring — codebase has-been cleaned up Significantly, cut down on code duplication.
Mupen64 — (Non-mobile version) — Three point filtering option INSTEAD of just bilinear filtering. The N64 used an inferior form of bilinear filtering called Expired 3-sample (or 3 point) filtering. Textures Were made ​​with this in mind So Many look a lot better with the point filtering vs.bilinear.
Screenshot comparison here:
Genesis Plus GX — Aspect ratio exchange are now Applied Correctly.
Genesis Plus GX — Other exchange.
Mednafen VB — Added Core Options for Virtual Boy — Anaglyph / Palette.
Mednafen (All) -. Should Correctly save SRAM to save directory now
SNES9x — Memory leak fixed and Some other improvements.
Nestopia — Core updates.
3DEngine — New core. A combination of all other 3D tech demos so far along with advanced features like camera libretro support, GPS / location services, etc.. Can be used to display aussi still pictures (JPEG / PNG). . JPEG support is buggy right now
VBA-M — Adds Code Breaker / Game Shark support (by using cheat files).

Have a nice day!